Monday, June 22, 2009

Short Note on Today......

Unlike most of my posts, this one will be very short and very brief. Still feeling absolutely horrid and I've noticed the last few days as I am becoming weaker and weaker, my balance is in jeopardy so I started using a cane today to walk around as a precaution against a fall. I kept hoping I would feel better as the day went on, but that didn't happen, so I called my Mom to ask if she could pick up some groceries for me. I hate asking people to do things for me. Just hate it. I know they don't mind.....I would do it for them in a heartbeat, but for me to ask for help is such a big deal for me, and I guess it shouldn't be. Being an independent woman, comes back and bites you on the ass in times like this. Doctor office called today and said results of my bloodwork are showing low potassium again, so they called in a scrip that we will get tomorrow. While on the phone with them I told her how I was feeling and they set me up for an appt to receive shot for RBC tomorrow. I am at a loss as to how else to help myself get over this hump.

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Sandy said...

Jan -- I have a relative with MM so that is how I happened to find your blog. However, I wanted to encourage you to let go of whatever it is that gives you stress about asking for help. In my own life I have had to learn this lesson - in another set of circumstances - and when you can release the resistance, life will get so much easier, really!
People truly do want to help and if, while you are in this temporary slump, you can ask one of the family to set up a rotating call list of those who are available and how they can help, it will make calling out less stressful for you.
I'm too far away - Washington - to be much more help than this; but just know I'm pulling for you!