Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a Quick Update......

I did have some slight reactions to the transfusion of Friday, none of which were unmanageable. Later Friday nite I had some diarrhea and that was that. On Saturday I had more diarrhea and a slight headache, which went away with some ibuprofen. All in all, much energy returned and that was my BIG BIG hope in having this procedure. So, it was successful in my book. I'm not 100% re-couped by any means, but if you compare the way I have been feeling the last 3 weeks until now, I say schedule me for a Bungee jump or something! It is so amazing that a low red blood cell count can give you such anemia that it can make you feel the way it made me feel. Truly amazing, as the difference now is like night and day. I am heeding my own warnings now though and not "overdoing" the minute I DO feel better (which is my usual MO), as I want to keep this little reserve of energy for as long as I possibly can, so I will take it easy and take it slow for now. I did find out the bone marrow biopsy will be some time next week (today's Monday, so not this week) which kinda bummed me out, as I really wanted to get started on the new chemo Velcade ASAP, but hospitals can only do so many procedures in a day, and they were booked solid for this week, so it looks like it may be Mon or Tues of next week. We want the results of the biopsy BEFORE receiving this new chemo, to see exactly how many cancer cells are doing the hokey pokey in my bone marrrow right now. Isn't that crazy that the great thing in life I'm looking forward to is having a bone marrow biopsy and starting a new chemotherapy that is so destructive to ALL cells of the body, not just the "bad ones". LOL....the way your thinking changes and your priorities change when you are battling cancer is just downright scary and crazy. Welcome to where I live at the moment..... "Bizzaro World"!

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