Monday, June 30, 2008

Can't Wait till Tomorrow......

Today is Tuesday June 10, 2008 and tomorrow is my last appointment with my BMT doctors. YAY......can I actually be at the end of this part of the journey? Thinking about this brings both exciting and scary thoughts. Exciting because I actually get to go home.....and scary because I actually get to go home!!!! I have been so taken care of a little bubble or cocoon.....and now I have to become a butterfly and fly away home. Being here and knowing that I am in capable hands...... if something goes wrong, Moffitt is only minutes away.....and now I'll be going home where I'm "on my own" so to speak. Yes, Ashley is home and Mom lives 3 miles away, so of course I'm not alone, but after 6 weeks of being "Bubble Girl" it just brings up some weird feelings. The overwhelming feeling of all though is "I'M GOING HOME!!!!". Hopefully I'm not being too cocky here as I have not seen or been discharged by the doctor yet, like I said I see them tomorrow, but they didn't want to see me today because I'm doing so well and that's a good sign, and I'm just going by what Dr. Laura said on Monday. After I write this entry, I need to make a list of issues I need clarification on so I'll have all my ducks in a row when I do see the doctors tomorrow. I need to go over what I can and cannot do, restrictions etc. etc. as the BMT Transplant Book we have read about a bajillion times says I will need assistance at home for the next 3 months, cannot drive for that long etc etc, so I just want to go over some things with them so I'm totally clear on what I can and cannot do. So, as it stands now, we go to the BMT clinic at 10:00 for the usual.......the bloodwork.....wait for the with doctors.....and I'll know more after that. Keep your fingers crossed all goes well :-) <------ That's me with a big smile on my face!

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