Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Added some Photos

Just a quick note to invite you to look over the new photos I've posted. About a week before leaving for Tampa for the Transplant, I asked Van to come over and take some photos of me and the girls and the dogs......the "last photos" per se, before I got sickly looking and before I lost all of my hair. I knew that I would literally NEVER look that way again. I had let my hair grow long for awhile now, because I knew my hair would not grow as long as it is in these photos ever again. I don't think my hair has been this long since the 80's!! In many of the photos I got all "posey" like a model and I sure heard about it too, but as usual, didn't really give a SH*T about their razzing me! LOL.......the girls, me, Mom and Van had fun that day with lots of laughs all around. Enjoy the photos and soon I will be posting the new photos of myself. For future you watch "Deal or No Deal"? Well.....I'm lookin a whole lot like Howie Mandel these days!!!

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