Monday, June 2, 2008


Today is May 14th, the end of two full days of Chemotherapy. We arrived back in Tampa on Sunday May 12th (Happy Mother's Day) to settle into the apartment for the rest of my entire treatment until that elusive "discharge day" when I have been declared by the Powers that Be (my many Doctors, PA.s and Nurses......actually an entire team that also consists of Pharmacists, Dietitians and too many others to count!) The Chemo used is called High Dose Melphalan and was administered along with a few other drugs on a constant basis for the entire 2 days. Now, there are some things you just can't escape with Melphalan and they are Mucositis (no fun whatsoever), losing your hair and usually your eyelashes and eyebrows too, to also complete the pretty picture. There's also more fun stuff like nausea, vomiting, and a host of all other kinds of attractions that High Dose Chemotherapy brings. Now remember, I've been on chemo over a year now, but nothing like this kind of mega dose. My doses, although strong, was nothing like this, and besides my other chemo was oral, and this was the BIG GUN IV Stuff!! I had my own assigned nurse, Jess, an adorable, pretty, tall, blond nurse as my nurse for 2 solid days. I was her only patient!. Talking about 1 on 1 treatment!! I was her patient and that was it. They have to watch you so closely for side effects during the chemo process we were basically tied together for the entire time. We got along well and spent half the time laughing. All in all, receiving my chemo days went really well.......and then of course there's....THE OTHER SIDE :(


Bobbie said...

Look forward to seeing you with or with out hair. Michaels best friend Craig was in a motorcycle accident and has been at ormc trauma ic unit on ventilator for 9 days now. I am thinking and praying for both of you. I just figured out how to do this blog thing so I just wanted to tell you I love you and tell your sister to call me when she has the time. And give your mom a hug for me

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bobbie ...I figured out to do the blog thing too..
Im thinking of you and praying for you daily.
I was just looking back at pics when ashley and chrystal were babies...God they were cute..and Chris too.
Give my best to all your family. Much love...colleen