Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Surreal Moment..........

When I was at Dr. Nair's the other day and went back to the chemo room for my bone strengthening IV, I had a very surreal 7 minutes and 25 seconds. How do I know it was 7 minutes and 25 seconds, you ask? Well, I'm sitting there with my IPOD on, and it's turned up to the maximum volume, so the music is just my whole world just then. Then on comes Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb". Now, was not a flashback!! The words are just so awesome and the voices and here I was in just a very not normal place and the 2 things combined to make the next 7 minutes and 25 seconds surreal. I looked around the room and I'm surrounded by 11 other people sitting in the exact same tan rocker/recliners with tall IV poles by their sides with clear tubing attached to people's arms or chests with various colors of liquid dripping into their veins. I slowly kinda stared at each and every persons face and they all had different looks on their faces. Some people were tired, some bored, some reading books, some watching TV, some sleeping, some looked sick, and another woman looked as if she had been crying very hard before she came in to get hooked up. This lasted the length of the song.... for 7 minutes and 25 seconds. I told my sister this story and then she asked me......."What were you feeling when this happened?" I had to think awhile before I had an answer, because there were no feelings at all which is very odd. I felt as if I was not a part of this scene and that I was an observer only. That I was meant to just observe and file it away. I know it just had to be a combination of THAT particular song in THAT particular place at THAT particular time, because the next song that came on was Lynrd Skynrd's "What's your Name?" and I immediately snapped out of it. One of my many surreal cancer moments!! LOL

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