Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Day at Home.....

Today's Friday the 13th (of June).....and well, this is so NOT an unlucky day for me!! Bring on the black cats and all the ladders you can for me to walk under and any old mirrors you want broken, because today is MY lucky day, no matter what "they" say. LOL....... I just survived a Bone Marrow Transplant and I'm feeling damn good too. The most surprising thing about coming home is that we all were told (at the beginning of this transplant ordeal and in all the books we had read) that I would be in no shape to take care of myself when I first got home. So we all pictured me this pathetic person who needed assistance walking to and from the bathroom, who needed help with taking a shower, someone who would need all her food prepared for her etc etc....the list was endless. I feel better now than I have for the last 1 1/2 years being on chemo! I may be bald and skinny but I feel good. The hair will grow back and let's bet a year from now I'll be pissin and moanin about having to lose 10 pounds!! That would be a great scenario wouldn't it? I called Dr. Nair's office today to schedule my first appointment with my regular oncologist, as I do have to be followed very closely for awhile. I've been going to him every single week for over a year now, but I don't know what the schedule will be like post of the things we'll talk about on Thurs. June19th when I go to see him I guess. I do know I'll have to go back on my IV Zometa infusion which takes about an hour once a month in the Chemo room. It's an IV drip to strengthen bones but I had to stop it for 4 months before the transplant, as I needed some dental work done and you should not have any dental work while on Zometa......and they will NOT do a BMT unless your mouth has gotten a total A-OK. I'm still staring at the "Tampa" boxes and suitcases today.....but....they'll get unpacked when they get unpacked!! For today, I'm going to focus on gathering alot of my medical receipts and stuff to submit for reimbursement from my insurance company as money is getting very very tight, my friends. Cancer is a very expensive hobby....and not even one I enjoy, because I sure could come up with many many more pastimes to spend my money on and that I would enjoy!! I need to get this paperwork organized so I'll get the money paid back to me from the insurance company, so I in turn can pay some bills. Hmmmmmmmm.......any ideas for a Jan's Journey Fundraiser? Only one I came up with was standing at a busy intersection with a bucket and my bald head :)

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