Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home at Last......

Well......."the Eagle has Landed". We got home at just about noon like I thought, but you never know when you travel I-4, as you all well know. I know it takes 2 hours to drive from Tampa to home, but you can never count on it, that's for sure. Well I guess the Interstate Gods must have known how anxious I was, so they cooperated with the traffic flow and we didn't run into any unforeseen traffic craziness that is more the norm than not these days. Remember I told you how much was packed into the car? Well now it was time to get it all out and put into either my room or wherever else it may go and I felt bad because my instructions from having my central line pulled (was it just a few hours ago??) included NO LIFTING, CARRYING or BENDING OVER AT THE WAIST for 4 days, so I was NO HELP in bringing in anything. We had sooo much stuff too so I felt bad that I couldn't carry anything more than my pillows and blankets into the house. Between Mom, Ashley and Greg though and a bajillion trips to and from the car, it eventually all made it into the house. Mom stayed and helped put some of the refrigerator stuff away and then she headed home. Bless her heart......she was anxious to get home too!! The dogs were all going bat-shit, especially Alex, they were soooo happy to see me they couldn't stand it. They really couldn't understand why I would only talk to them and wasn't picking them up to hug and cuddle, but they got used to it after awhile. While I was in Tampa, Kevin had come up to my home and built this gorgeous fenced area so the dogs could stay in there. I know "fenced area" inside the house sounds weird, but it looks very architectural and is built to enclose the TV room off from the rest of the house but the dogs can see through it and know what's going on. I'll take a picture of it and post it here because it's hard to explain but it looks very very nice and I plan on keeping it there for a very long time!! It's a way for the dogs to see what's going on but not get underfoot. And of course, Alex doesn't go in there, because he's special and he knows it :)
So things eventually settled down and Ash, Greg and I were talking in the kitchen and I said to them...ok, guys, let's get the "unveiling" over with because I won't be wearing a scarf around the house, so I took my scarf off so they could see my baldness up close and personal!! Ashley was cool with it for a few reasons.......Lindsay had taken a photo of me in Tampa on her cell phone and sent it to Ash so she said she had been looking at it everyday, so seeing me with no hair in person wasn't such a shock and she also had a friend of hers go through chemotherapy a few years ago and was with her when she was bald, so she had known someone well who looked like me. Greg (my brother, by the way, for those who don't know him) didn't say much except he cracked a few bald jokes and said it would be great to be bald now that summer here's and it's so hot. I was pretty much pooped out by now so I went to my room and got my jammies on and jumped in my sleep number bed with of course Alex right along with me, plugged in my heating pad for my back......and just settled in. I'm home.....Oh My God, I'm home. Thank you God for getting me this far in such good shape. I'm truly a lucky lucky gal. Those 3 suitcases and 3 boxes I see in my room will just have to wait to be unpacked and put away, because I'm just gonna do some serious chillin.

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Susan said...

Hi Jan...Its me Susz..just got in..going to take time to read about your journey..take care