Thursday, July 17, 2008

Check Up at 5 Weeks Home.....

Today is Thursday July 17th and I've been home from Moffitt 5 weeks today, and feeling great. I had an appointment with my local oncologist, Dr. Nair, today as well as starting my once a month treatment of IV Zometa which I need for bone strengthening, since Multiple Myeloma attacks the bone. So my favorite gal, Tonya, called me in for the usual temperature taking,blood pressure taking and weight....which by the way is still at 96 pounds, even after eating a humongous ice cream sundae with fudge sauce and whipped cream everyday as my snack!! Then I go into a room and see the doctor and then on to the IV room for my infusion which takes about an hour. I have such great news from my doctor today. While talking how things were going in general, he then gave me a copy of my bloodwork which is just AMAZING!! He told me that in all his years of working with MM patients, that my bloodwork has recovered faster than anyone he can remember. He said usually that the blood numbers will go up and down and eventually stabilize. My white blood cells have been in the normal range since I've been home, my red cells are a little low, but nothing to be crazy about and the last blood cells to engraft in my marrow will be my platelets. Well the normal # for platelets to be is 140 and today mine were 138!! Woo-Wee. He told me that I am right now, in the place they would expect me to be at the 6 month mark!! What great news is that??? I knew I was feeling good, and now the numbers prove it. Yee-Haa. I am one happy camper. I also went out last nite to meet my friend Bobbie for an early dinner at Chili's and had a great time catching up with her. Bobbie is such a wonderful, warm and caring person and I enjoy so much our time together. Melissa, her daughter stopped by to see me too and it was great seeing her. Liss and Linz have played softball together for a bajillion years! Just wanted to share my great news with everyone. Blessings to all.

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