Monday, November 10, 2008

Wow.....being the Early Bird today!!!

Ha...........and you didn't believe me did you? Not that I can blame you, since I have said in the past "it won't be a week till I post again" and it turned out it was a week, but NOT this time. I told you I was going to prioritize and I did. I'm working on the last bit of coffee and "perusing" the daily paper, then gonna jump in the shower and run the "PEE CONTAINER" to the lab!! You walk in the lab with this can that resembles a rather large plastic gas can, but of course it can't be non-descript. It's an orange neon color that's like walking in with a flashing sign saying "I've got PEE......I've got PEE.....I'm having my PEE tested.....I'm having my Pee tested". I don't personally care one way or another, but it does crack me up, the peripheral "stuff" that goes along with this cancer crap. God blessed me with a warped and twisted sense of humor for which I am eternally grateful :)
First things first......Let's all stand up and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, KATHRYN LYNN TANCIG (aka.....Kate.....Kathy......Aunt Kate) She deserves the BEST of everything as she truly is the most loving, caring, thoughtful, fair person in the entire world and anyone who knows her will back me up. Of course I'm a bit prejudiced being her sissie, but it's all true :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE! After dropping off the PEE CONTAINER ( I think I like capitalizing that word), I'm gonna run a few errands and then come back and hit the studio. What is also time consuming with having an "internet" jewelry business is the importance and time it takes to photograph and write a description of the items. I think jewelry is a rather "tactile" thing. Everyone wants to hold it up and look in the mirror etc etc and on the internet you can't do that (I'm sure in the future someone will figure out how to do that!!) so in the meantime, I have to take some kick ass photos and be very descriptive in describing. (that's redundant!) It really takes forever to get the photos great and clear with no shadows and weird chit in there and then to go over every piece and basically describe it bead for bead, takes me a long time. I suppose I'll get better at it and quicker the more I do it, but for now it takes me a long time. And then AFTER taking the photos....then you hae to upload them into the camera....crop and "fix" them, name them, watermark them (for copyright purposes.....ha.....I WISH a big time designer would find me somehow). So between working on filling my WPB orders and trying to get some new stuff up on the web, well....I'm a busy gal till I leave for the cruise. Also gotta squeeze in a doctor appt for an IV session and seeing my awesome Dr. Nair, running to the bank (oh yes I need some gamblin money and spending money for some cool "island shopping"!) and just the usual last minute "before a trip grab stuff "shopping I need to do. I can either do that today or on Thurs. as I'll be out and about when I take my brother Greg to the airport that day as he's flying back to Colorado for his winter job. Sometime between now and noon Friday when we leave for WPB I'll throw in some laundry since having some clean clothes to wear might be nice too :)
When I was at Kate's last week it was Halloween and my nephew Chris had to dress up for his job so I thought I'd have some fun too. I used to have a Halloween Party every year to go to when Colleen had her annual BASH, but no more, so I've posted some Halloween photos of myself I just had to take!! Talk to you tomorrow...... and oh yeah.....sometime shortly I'll post a link and some photos of my jewelry for sale, but here's just a few photos to start. Love ya.....and, oh yeah, PLEASE SIGN IN and leave a comment once in awhile so I know who's coming to say HI.

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Susan said...

Good to hear from you..I kept on checking your blog and nothing added.where is she?? I love your description on the pee container. I feel the same way..carrying in this huge You have been busy and thats good to hear. Your cruise sounds fantastic. Hope you have a good deserve it...way to go girl..