Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What is Stem Cell Collection, Anyway???.........

Today is Sunday, May 4th, 2008, and it was a typical day of back and forth to Moffitt for my 10:00 am shot and my 4:00 pm shot of Neupogen. Our new "home" is about 3 miles to the hospital and a straight shot down one main road, so it literally takes only minutes to get there. We spent our first night at our "new house" last night and it was oh so very comfortable and just like a home for us....we really are happy here .......much more conducive to the healing process, than to be in a hospital atmosphere. It's also convenient for us and a comfort also knowing we are so close to the hospital. I think it's about time though, for me to fill you in on what all these entries mentioning Neupogen mean, especially because I'll be "collecting" my stem cells tomorrow and they are tied into each other!
The Neupogen shots I have been receiving for the last 5 days both morning and afternoon, are shots to increase the production of white blood cells in my body. Now, the bone marrow is the body part that manufactures and stores our blood cells. The Neupogen shots though, increases the production of these blood cells to such high levels that my bone marrow can no longer contain them so they begin spilling out openly and freely into my blood stream, making them more available for "Collection" tomorrow. Well, we're shooting for going to bed early tonite as we have to be at the Moffitt BMT Clinic at 7:30 am for a blood draw, then we meet with the PA for a bit and then it's Officially Collection Day One.

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