Saturday, May 10, 2008

Neupogen and More Neupogen.....

Today is Friday May 2nd. Had to be at the hospital by 10:00 am for my central line care and my first Neupogen shot of the day. The line looks really good (if incisions and tubes sticking out of your chest CAN look good!! LOL) Kate had to change the dressing on it last night at the hotel, as it became kinda bloody and yucky, but not too bad. Nurse Kate did a great job!! I didn't have a hard time sleeping with it either, which was quite surprising. I do sleep curled up in the fetal position on my right side, so I'm thinking it kinda protected it and I'm not a big mover either when I sleep so that turned out well. After having the dressing changed on the central line by the nurse and the shot, we grabbed lunch at Panera's and then went back to the hospital because we had a "Caretaker Meeting" to attend and we wanted to also talk to my Social Worker who was arranging "housing" for us during the entire stay at Moffitt. One thing I forgot to tell you........ It's very unusual that people are allowed to go "outpatient" for a Bone Marrow Transplant, however because I am in tippy tippy top shape and have wonderful caregivers (Mom and Kate), I am being allowed to do this Outpatient rather than Inpatient. Isn't that ironic? Here I am with Cancer, and yet I had to go through 2 days of intensive testing to be sure I could tolerate a BMT (ie...survive it) and they could find nothing else wrong with me!! My heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and every other body part is in great shape, thank you very much! And for that I am what's with this cancer shit? Anyways....... The H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center owns apartments and for a nominal fee, patients who have to stay there for any length of time will rent these apartments from them. Most of the apartments Moffitt has are of course, 2 bedroom and 2 bath, one for patient and one for caregiver. Moffitt does have 2 apartments that are 3 bedroom/2bath but those are hard to come by and cannot be guaranteed. When we met with the Social Worker to see if we could get the keys to the apartment early so we wouldn't have to go around finding someone on Sunday the 11th when we returned to let us in, lo and behold (this is where my little miracles happen) she told us that a 3/2 was available that day for us to move into!! Exactly what we were hoping for, so each of us could have our own bedroom. YAY............we met the lady from "Housing" and signed the papers and got the keys, to what will be our "home" for the next months or so. We then went to our Caregiver Meeting, and then went back up to the BMT Clinic to receive my 2nd Neupogen shot of the day. We left the hospital and made a bee line to the apartment to check it out and it's just perfect!! It's as large as a home really, with 3 nice sized bedrooms and 2 nice sized baths as well as an eat-in kitchen, separate dining room and a nice sized family room......and it's even decorated cute with nice furniture and of course, nice and clean! Besides the Family Room having a TV, the Master Bedroom (ME!!) also has a TV.'s my F'n Party...........LOL. After checking out the apartment we went back to the hotel and decided to stay there one last night and that Lindsay would take me to the Hospital for my Neupogen shot in the morning while Kate and Mom moved us over to the apartment. We got a pizza for dinner......a dang good one too for not knowing where to go.......packed our things for the Big Move and chilled for the night.

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