Thursday, May 1, 2008

Headin' To Tampa........

We left home around 1:00 pm for our trip to the Hotel in Tampa because it's just a 2 hour drive and you can't check in until 3:00 pm anyway. It's a decent hotel, an "Extended Stay America", and I have never stayed in one before, so I didn't know what to expect. It's not Caesar's Palace or anything (I wish I was there!!), but it's very clean and all we would need for our 6 day stay, and it does have a full kitchen too in case we wanted to cook. Kate arrived about a 1/2 hour after us because she's coming from a different direction. We got unpacked and settled in and then took a "test drive" to see how far we were from the hospital and how long it would take (map quest lies sometimes!! LOL). Turns out we're about 15 the hospital, so we're good to go. We had packed stuff to make subs, so decided to stay in and eat that and chips for dinner. Now...... I don't know why but NONE of us slept that night. Not one out of all 3 of us!!! Is it because it's a new place? Different bed? Stress? We don't know, but at any given time when one of us would get up, we'd see the others awake and wide-eyed! At one point, I think it was around 3:00 AM, Mom says "Anyone want to play cards?" We all laughed and just waited till the alarm went off. At least we make each other laugh!!

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