Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moving Day....

Today is Saturday May 3rd, and Linz and I were needed at the BMT clinic by 10:00 am for my first Neupogen shot of the day and to receive care for my Central Line. While we were doing that my Mom and Sis moved all of our stuff from the Extended Stay Hotel to our 3b/2b "Home Sweet Home" apartment we will be living in for the next month. Entering Moffitt on the weekend is so different than during the weekdays. It's like a ghost town on the weekends so it really was and in and out deal this morning. Always..... first is weight, blood pressure, pulse and breathing.......and taking a vial of blood. I checked out well in all areas so they released me after all the blood counts came back normal. So now Linz and I made the inaugural trip from Moffitt Hospital to "Home" . Mom and Kate, of course had all our the things brought in from the cars and put in their respective rooms of the house, so we basically just put things up and organized our own things in our own rooms. Then back to Moffitt for my 4:00 pm Neupogen shot.......Gotta keep those baby cells growing for the Big Day!!

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