Monday, July 14, 2008

Just Normal Stuff.....

No profound thoughts from me today. My brain doesn't want to think about cancer right now :)
I've been home from Moffitt 4 weeks now and feeling great. I haven't felt this good in over a year now since there is no poisonous chemo coursing throughout my body. I have lots more energy these days, I'd say I'm running at 80% capacity!! Mom and I went to our local flea market a few Wednesdays ago, and just looked around and had fun until it got too hot for words. Was pooped when I got home, but it felt really good to walk around in the heat and "get out there" and just look at cool stuff. I'm such a pack rat and junk fanatic that I can have fun at any flea market!! I even bought a set of 400 count sheets for $20....can't beat that. I've been making beads which is so much fun, but I only had about 10 glass rods in my beginner kit, so I've ordered some more which should be here sometime today. I have lots of creative ideas and then will be making some really cool and unique jewelry with my hand made beads. I'll post some photos when I get the shitty ole digital camera out. I really need a new one, as mine's one of the first that came out and it weighs a ton and the batteries that have crapped out cost almost as much as a new camera, so I need to get a new one that takes good close up photos. Ebay here I come! I love being creative and it's so calming and healing for me, and I'm thankful the nurse at Moffitt introduced me to this art form. I've got an early dinner date with my friend Bobbie on Wednesday which I'm looking forward to. We have tons to catch up on and a few margaritas to drink down at Chili's. I always have a good time with Bobbie. Linz came home this weekend but I didn't see her for too long as her boyfriend Anthony is home from Vegas for a few weeks so they had a few family get togethers with his parents and brothers over the weekend and then she had to head back to Gainesville to study for some tests coming up. She'll be home this coming weekend though so we'll spend more time together then. She's a pretty busy gal lately as she graduates on August 9th and then moves home for a few weeks and then out to Vegas to live. More on that later. All in all, things are going great these days and I'm thankful.

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colleen said...

So happy to hear that your feeling good...and your brain is funtioning pretty well..I just took a class on Pain managment and had to laugh when the instructor commented on her "chemo brain" I thought of you and your humorous comments. She also had cancer, and like you feeling great!!