Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beads Beads and More Beads

Oh my gosh....I am having sooooo much fun! I got the glass I ordered, delivered by UPS right on schedule yesterday afternoon. So far I've made about 15 beads and even experimented with one that looks like a tropical fish! It will take alot of practice to get really good, but I think I'm doing pretty good for this just being like the 5th time I've tried. I ordered lots of opaque glass, transparent glass and a few tools that will help with shaping so I'm pretty psyched about it. I could sit there all day and make tons of beads but I'm thinking I had better do a bit of planning, and coordinate some colors to make a necklace that doesn't look like someone just threw a bunch of melted glass together!! I want to make a necklace for Kate, that's my first order of business, and then I was thinking of making one for all my girls.....Ashley, Linz and Sarah. When I get really good I'm going to attempt to supplement my income with a small jewelry business on the side, but that will be a while yet. I'll take some photos when I have a camera that actually works! Ya'll take care now, ya heah!


colleen said...

Very cool...I went online and watched a video on "how to make glass beads"..Looks like so much fun. What great hobby..Cant wait to see your jewelry..Much love and prayers always!

Anonymous said...

Jan - I read your blog weekly and Linda and I still want to meet you for lunch or whatever soon! I am trying to get all my work caught up in case I just don't feel like working. I started Velcade yesterday and today feeling very lethargic. Hope you are still doing great. Will talk to you soon.
Mike Cavanaugh