Monday, December 15, 2008

Gettin There......

Almost done with all the "pre-Christmas" things on my "to-do" list, which mainly consists of finishing cleaning the house, and getting down all the X-mas platters, serving dishes etc etc. to make sure I've got everything I'll be needing. I finally finished the tree decorating ('s a big un) and have completed decorating the house, so that's all finally done. I will finish cleaning the patio tomorrow and the sliding glass doors (my house basically has no walls to speak of.....I'd say about 2/3 of my house walls are sliding glass doors that look onto my wooded yard, so when I say I'm doing the sliding glass doors, we're talking ALOT of glass folks! I will be all finished up by tomorrow though, (come hell or high water) LOL..... so then on to making the holiday menus, a grocery shopping list and my baking shopping list (oh of my favorite things to do around xmas), and then I have to finish up my gift shopping and of course the "stocking stuffers". Lindsay will be here on this coming Thursday the 18th and will be here until New Year's Eve, so I'm really excited to see my "baby". It's been 3 months since she moved to Las Vegas, and that's the longest I have ever NOT seen her, so I'm so looking forward to having her home for a few weeks! My ex, Kevin is also coming up for xmas and will be staying here with us for about a week, and it will be great having him here too. Kevin and I have a special relationship I think, as we get along great, and he loves my family and my family loves him, so it's turning out to be an awesome xmas, I do believe! :) When my family gets together, we all just have a great time, and we play games and just hang out, so this has all the "makings" of a super xmas for us all. I am just so so grateful and thankful that I am feeling so well these days, and up to the task of having xmas here and all the things that go along with that, as the last 2 christmases I have been really too sick to even enjoy xmas, let alone decorate and host it. My stamina is incredible for someone just 6 months post BMT, and speaking of which, I received an email from the ASH, which is the American Society of Hematologists about their annual meeting which had lots of great news about MM, and I plan on calling Dr. Nair and talking to him about a few things I read, and getting some clarification and I also have a few questions for him, but as far as I can tell, all's well on the MM front, and this damn disease already took 2 holidays from me and I'll be damned it it's going to take another!

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Anonymous said...

I hope this is the best holiday ever for you Jan, for your family as well. You have come a long way over the year, may you have a realled blessed 2009 and a wonderful Christmas.
Much love,

Cam H