Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay Fay Go Away.....

Howdy is the rain coming down here or what? Tropical Storm Fay has overstayed her welcome here and it actually wasn't so bad yesterday, a little rain and some wind, but today.....LOTS of rain and LOTS of wind. I just keep sayin a little prayer the electricity won't go out!! We've had some flickers where you had to reset all the clocks in the house, but I really hate when the electricity goes down. Bummer, so keep your fingers crossed!! The weather outside is the exact opposite of how I feel on the inside. What a contradiction. I'm sitting here with my IPOD clock thingie turned up full blast, making jewelry and having the best time. The rain pounding and the wind whooshing is a really cool sound when you think about. I like these kinds of days sometimes. We turned the AC down really low in case it goes out, so the house will stay cooler longer if it does. So I'm sitting here listening right now to Eric Clapton singing "Cocaine". Does life get any better than this? It's cold inside which I love (except for the Florida Power bill), I'm surrounded with beautiful beads and such, some my own creation and I'm also using lots of broken up vintage beads to incorporate into my designs, the artistic juices are flowing and I'm listening to probably the best music EVER created. Thank the Lord for the 70's classic rock and roll, that's all I gotta say! Life is good matter what is going on in your are here to experience it.......that's all I'm saying. Peace

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