Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just a Quickie..... & Pics :)

Still feeling pretty dang good today. Have a doctors appt for blood draw tomorrow, so we'll see where the ole RBC's are hangin after the transfusion. I'll have a pretty busy day tomorrow as my appt is at 1:00 pm.....and it's the appt where I get all my monthly scrips written, so afterwards I'll have to stop at the pharmacy and have them filled and then get home as the TV cable guy will be here between 5-7, as the DVR crapped out about 3 days ago, so I've had to watch TV in my bedroom for the last few days. I've added a couple of new photos today that I took on 6-18-09, so that was 13 days ago. Wanted to give you an update on the hair and then I happened to be wearing this little T-shirt type top I bought at a bar when we were on our cruise in November. It was called the "Blue Bitch Bar" and we ate there for lunch (also a photo of that farther down near the cruise photos). I hadn't worn the shirt till the day I took these photos. Thought it was such a hoot, I wanted to share :)


Susan said...

Glad to hear that your feeling better. Your hair look great...I wish I had a curl or 2 but nothing!!! Did you always have curly hair? Have you had them cut yet? Enjoy your busy day!!

Jan said...

Hey Susz
I've had very curly hair my whole life, when it was really long, below my shoulders, back in the day, it was in really cool LONG ringlets. Then as I approached early menopause (done by age 32!) it just gradually starting straightening out (lack of hormones I guess), until it just started being pretty dang straight, and I used the straightening iron to make it uniformly straight. Now after the BMT, it's coming in really curly and no, I haven't cut it or shaped it at all. What you see is a years growth with no touch-ups, except coloring :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,
I have been reading your blog for about an "New Birthday" is October 18, 2003...your journal brings back a lot of memories! It is an amazing chronicle of your journey. I made a couple of interesting drawings while I was in the hospital being "reborn"...but I could never bring myself to write it all down, and I have been a journal keeper my whole life.
Anyway, I was Moffitt today for my regular 3 month check-up...I love the staff, too! And the artwork is a faves are the circle of life series in the 4th floor elevator area and the beach paintings on the way into the BMT clinic! I am an Art Teacher in Naples,, that's a pleasant distraction while I'm there. I have been fortunate to have had a complete response to my transplant, but today I had my first slight "M spike" in 5 years. I am praying that it was a fluke, my doc said that he didn't think it was right and that he thought the Lab guys were smoking something...but we are repeating it in 2 months.
I will send happy thoughts your way and pray all goes well for you. I will read your blog...keep your sense of humor and hang in there!

Jan said...

Hi "Anonymous"(leave your name so I can call you by name LOL)....I agree....isn't the art work at Moffitt on the 4th floor amazing? I found myself just mesmerized by their beauty while going down the hall and you being an art teacher, have even more insight into their beauty! My friend, Kala, who I met at Moffitt in the Art Therapy dept is also an artist, you can check out her work at She was so wonderful when my sis and I went to art therapy one day at Moffitt and to this day remain friends. OMG, 5 years in CR is are my role model :) and I too hope that the spike was just a blip on the screen and you will continue on your merry MM free way! I am thankful that you found something to relate to in my blog, as that was my main purpose in writing it, to, even in some small way, connect to with those with this disease, so we can give each other support and HUGS when we need them. I look forward to "talking" with you more! Hang in there, my new MM friend!