Monday, December 1, 2008

Giving the Ole Immune System a "Test Run"

I mentioned I thought I has getting a cold......well let me correct that. I DO have an OUTRAGEOUS cold right now.....the whole tamale too. Head ready to explode and making an actual banging sound......a virtual snot manufacturing company, aching in every joint of my body AND I'M RUNNING A FEVER!! Now for the good news.......I feel better today than I have for the last 3 days, so in essence, I believe I am healing from this thing so that means I have an actual IMMUNE SYSTEM that is working to fight off this thing! Isn't that wonderful?!? Back during Bone Marrow Transplant days a fever was considered to be 99.4 and I got up to 101.00 on sunday and I'm here to tell the tale and feeling a "titch" better, so that means all is well in MM world and my body is fighting off the things it darn well should, but couldn't at one point. So when looking at the situation through the MM glasses I am forced to's PARTY TIME THAT I GOT SICK AND COULD HANDLE IT! YAY! Never been so happy to be so miserable!! LOL Only drawback to feeling shitty is that I don't feel well enough to do some things I should be doing, but then again.....learning to listen to my body is a new skill for me and I'm learning to do it, so I am doing nothing but watching TV and writing to you right now. That's all for now folks...just shot my wad of energy, but will be back very soon as I have lots of rumblings going on inside and want to share with you. Love to all

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