Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pre "PORT DAY"........

Today is Wednesday April 30, 2008 and it's a pretty low key day. We all got to the hospital, me, Kate and Mom at 9:30 am because they needed to draw blood to be sure that all was well for the "procedure" tomorrow. We then had a meeting with the PA (Physician's Assistant) to go over what all to expect during the surgery to place the central line in my right chest. I call it a port for short. The Nurse in charge of the BMT clinic also came to this meeting where I signed all the consent forms as well as giving my permission to join 2 different studies about MM. They basically say they will be studying me for life and I had to give permission so that when they take blood or other tissue from me that I will allow them to take a bit more for the study. Hey.....while they're already in there getting stuff or somethings being drawn out, I may as well share the wealth and perhaps by doing this I'll be contributing to some genius scientist finding a cure for this damn disease. We were done at the Hospital by 1:00 pm and then went back to the hotel to wait for Lindsay who was driving down (and over) from Gainesville. She got there not too much after us and since I've been on a "breakfast" kick......eating anything you would normally eat for breakfast, I wanted to go to Bob Evans. Right now, I really need to eat when and what I like and as much as I can tolerate before I go back on the chemo. I love Bob Evans biscuits and gravy so that's why we went there. See, Cancer has it's advantages.....I got to pick the restaurant! LOL We came back to the hotel after dinner and just watched TV and chilled for the Big Day tomorrow. We all slept like babies until the alarm went off at 5:30 am.


Cam Harris said...

Hi Jan! Welcome to the blogging world- you have done a fantastic job in setting it up and it is great to see your photos.
Sorry I haven't written for a while as I have been in hospital undergoing what you are undergoing! I am out now and feeling fine.
I hope you are feeling comfortable at the moment and know that the discomfort you feel at some stages will pass. I am looking forward to keeping up with your blog and hearing about your progress.
Take care,
Cam Harris

Jan said... good to hear from you Cam. I've been reading your blog too and since you are about 2 weeks ahead of me in the Transplant World, it was good to know what I was looking at in the near future. I'd prefer to skip the pnuemonia though! I've been behind in my blogging, as I'm still getting the hang of it, but I'll catch up soon. You hang in there my Aussie friend and we'll keep tabs on one another! Love, Jan

colleen said...

Hi Jan,
It was great hearing from you and also that you are going home. How wonderful!
I hope that you are feeling much better and have many brighter days. I'm sure the yucky feellings are no fun..I hope to be able to come and visit with you soon. Let me know when you feel up to it..We have alot to catch upon...much love, collee