Friday, September 5, 2008

Garage Sale day #1

Whew.........I'm pooped! Set the alarm for 5:00 am this morning as you know how much work a garage sale is if you've ever had one and I am in such bad shape in the mornings it takes forever for me to be able to move around decently. Thank the heavens for heating pads is all I'm saying. :) It's especially hard to have one when you have a zillion items to put out and display. I wanted to put an ad in our local Pennysaver paper, which is a popular thing to do around here for a garage sale, and their deadline is Mondays at 5:00 pm. Well....last Monday was a holiday so I didn't get it in in time for the Wednesday and Saturday editions because the deadline was the previous Friday because of the holiday. So we decided to keep it a 2 day affair anyway and put up signs in strategic corners for today and knowing the Saturday edition of the Pennysaver will be out around 6:00 am tomorrow which will carry our ad. So the customers today came from street signs only, so we're expecting a larger crowd tomorrow. I think I sold a bit over $150 today so that's not too bad considering it RAINED for half of the allotted time! So I just set the alarm for 6:00 to get an extra hour of sleep since most of the stuff is still in the driveway covered up (our house is set way back on a lake so you can't see it from the road) and only some things will need to be put out, unlike today. Mom came over to help in the morning so there was 4 of us to pull it together......not too bad really. We even closed shop around 1 because it rained hard starting around then and we were tired of the tarps on....tarps off.....tarps on.....tarps off dance we had done throughout the day. Kevin came up tonite for the weekend too since Linz will be leaving for Vegas on Monday (still in denial here) so he'll help with all the heavy/man stuff tomorrow. My 94 pounds and stamina just don't cut it these days! Will catch you up on the final sales tally probably Sunday or Monday when things get back to the regular routine and the dust settles! Later (Florida) Gators

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